We may introduce ourselves, as Saj Water Treat India Pvt. Ltd incorporated in the year 2002, and has become ISO 9001-2008 certified industry in total water treatment solution. Started with objective of providing with advance technology extending Sales & Service support in the field of water filtration, purification & recycling plants.




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Village Water Filtration with Chlorination Plant for Galnimb Village (Taluka -Newasa) (10m3 to 50 m3)

Commercial RO/ULTRA FILTRATION PLANT For Schools, Colleges, Hotels& Residential Complex.

Industrial Water Softners (up to 2000 Ltrs. resin capacity)

R O Plants : 250 LPH. to 15000 LPH.

DM Plants : 1000 Ltrs.OBR to 25000 Ltrs. DBR (500 to 500 Ltr.)

ETP & STP : Crompten Greaves Ltd.Ahmednagar MIDC. (All Branches), Swastik

Chemecal Shrirampur 10 m3 to 100 m3 & above.

Swimming Pool.

Turn Key Project for Packaged Drinking Water with BIS Certification : Water ways Industries Aurangabad  




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