We may introduce ourselves, as Saj Water Treat India Pvt. Ltd incorporated in the year 2002, and has become ISO 9001-2008 certified industry in total water treatment solution. Started with objective of providing with advance technology extending Sales & Service support in the field of water filtration, purification & recycling plants.


Saj Water Treat India Pvt. Ltd,water and Solar Appliances, Aquazam, Industrial RO System Ahmednagar


We offer a wide range of Water Softeners that are developed in a way to remove the hardness imparting impurities from water i.e., Ca and Mg into non hardness form i.e., Na. We use different media for softening water such as zeolite, lime soda and resin. The commonly used softening med is Sodium Based strong AcidCation Resin. The entire range of water softening equipment can also be customized as specified by the clients. SWT is offering a wide range of Water Softeners to separate hardness

producing ions i.e. calcium and magnesium from water with very Low trouble shooting cost. Softener systems are equipped with proven technique for the regeneration flow which can minimize the maintance cost. Our Water Softeners are available at a very cost competitive rate for the clients


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